Training and Riding Lessons

Most people are not really aware of what it really takes to ride a horse. These magnificent animals are very intelligent, highly sensitive to commands and often times not understood by their riders. Our training is aimed at getting the rider to “connect” with their horse, to form a bond where they get to understand each other. It is not about just getting on the horse and pulling the reins, it is about knowing how your body language translated into your horse and generates a response.

Beginner level: first time on the horse? Or maybe you have tried it before but did not acquire the skills yet? This level is just what is needed for you. Once you meet your horse, you will be guided through every step from climbing on to the movements of your body to get the animal to do what you want. From the first time, your horse will be guided by your trainer, making sure you are building the confidence and the skills you need to move onto the next level. It is an excellent opportunity to learn your own strength, to let go of your fears (if any) and to learn how you……

Intermediate to Advanced levels: Once your level is established through an assessment, your trainer will assign your level and begin your training on the applicable level. With more advanced students, the trainer will develop the programme accordingly to the specifications and wishes of the rider.

Lessons can be provided on one-​on-​one basis (private) or group when it comes to riding. We also offer other training:

  • Jumping lessons
  • Dressage lessons
  • Educational training
  • Pony introduction rides for small children

Riding in the summer evenings: during the summer months, to avoid the hot daytime temperatures, lessons can be given in a floodlit arena.